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Market Research Study

The combination of Diary, IDI and Online survey study on Fish Sauce using habit


Research Method Phase 1: Diary study (recruit online respondents from Vinaresearch panel)
Phase 2: Qualitative research - In-depth interview (recruit online respondents from Vinaresearch panel)
Phase 3: Online quantitative research (recruit online respondents from Vinaresearch panel)
Research objectives Exploring fish sauce using habit of Vietnamese consumers, in order to understand their behaviour and develop a new high-standard Fish Sauce product.
Research area Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

Phase 1: Computerized online diary
Phase 2: In-Depth Interview (Offline qualitative study)
Phase 3: Online quantitative questionnaire

Target respondents

- Females, those who are homemakers, and are family main cooks, as well as responsible for making decision in choosing Fish sauce brand and taste.
- Willing to take part in Fish Sauce Diary Study in 5 days, use the product and fill in computerized online questionnaire.
- Willing to join In-Depth Interview after finishing the Diary study.
- Have good internet connection at home to join the online survey in long time frame.
- Age: 22 - 50 years old.
- Computer literacy.
- Open-minded, willing to share and enthusiatic persons.

Sample size - 50 samples for online diary survey
- 10 samples to join In-Depth Interviews and one sample to back-up
- 300 samples for online quantitative survey
Length of interview Online Diary Study:
~ 15 minutes survey (15 - 20 questions)
 In-Depth Interview
~ 90 minutes, including filling in questionnaire and interviewing with moderator.
Online quantitative Study:
~ 20 - 35 minutes survey (40 - 60 questions)
Fieldwork period Diary study: 5 days
IDI: 3 days
Online quantitative study: 4~5 days
TOTAL: 12~13 days
Project flow Online diary Research:
Questionnaire design (Both creating questionnaire and uploading)
Data collection (Online only)
* Diary study:
Creating Questionnaire and Assessment form for Diary study
Recruiting participants
Cleaning data
Analyzing data collected
Writing diary summary report (Phase 1)
* In-Depth Interview
Questionnaire design
Participants recruitment
Incentives preparation
Facilities  preparation (Back room with one-way mirror, video recoding, …)
Data Input
Writing IDI summary report (Phase 2)
* Quantitative study:
Questionnaire design
Online data collection
Data processing
Writing summary report (Phase 3)
Our strong point By combining Quantitative and Qualitative research, using our large-size online panel, we are able to conduct 3 studies within just less than 2 weeks. Quality of study results is guaranteed due to recruiting respondents directly from our panel; hence, disadvantages of complicated traditional offline recruitment is ommited. In addition, computerized diary study is benefial for time-saving and data accuracy.



numer of panellist



Ho Chi Minh
+84 28 3848 3731
+81 3 54217925
+62 29 022227
+66 2 6530411





  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Jakarta +62(21)2902-2227
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Hochiminh +84(28)3848-3731
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934




  • Tokyo +81(3)5421-7925
  • Okayama +81(86)293-2934
  • Osaka +81(6)6390-1441
  • Jakarta +62(21)2902-2227
  • Bangkok +66(2)6530-411
  • Hochiminh +84(28)3848-3731